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    PVX Software: $149

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    Polycom Videoconferencing Equipment Sales:
    Videoconference Systems That Bond People and Create Opportunity

    GAVX recommends Polycom Videoconference Equipment for a variety of important reasons. Flexibility and ease-of-use top the list though. No matter how great the equipment is; it is useless if it is not used. That is also why we work hard to understand your business needs and drivers. Polycom offers a number of options that range from personal units for workstations and roadwarriers to corporate board room systems. Applications include video-enhanced, web-enabled customer service center solutions, distance learning, and collaborative work environments.

    At this website you will find product descriptions, pictures of Polycom videoconferencing equipment, specifications, and pricing for most Polycom video conference room solutions. And yes, you can buy the Polycom product you want right here. If you don't see it, call us. Our Polycom certified staff will answer any questions and take your order over the phone.

    Professional Services & Support:
    Videoconference Consulting, Installation, Training and Support

    GAVX provides complete videoconference solutions to clients at very reasonable prices. The client's decision process begins when Polycom certified sales and technical resources, from GAVX, spend time obtaining an accurate assessment of business needs specific to the client's environment, customers, and employees. Recommendations may include a combination of personal and group videoconference systems. They may also include network, lighting, accessories and room furnishings to enhance videoconferencing as a tool. Our primary purpose here is to assist your organization in achieving its goals and objectives through the use of technology.

    Installations are provided for $995 in the US. European installations are also very competitive. The installation cost includes project management, equipment and network logistics, vendor coordination, onsite installation, custom system configuration, and an hour of onsite user training. We will also run cable and install jacks for less than you might think. We work to insure that the correct implementation takes place in a timely manner. A certified IT Project Manager will be assigned to your account. We provide training to end users to eliminate any barriers that their initial apprehension might have created.

    Finally, we recommend a support plan that will meet the client's ongoing need for user training, software upgrades and hardware support. Our clients will reap the big pay-off from their investment in technology.

    Video System . US is your Polycom videoconference equipment price and service value store.